Complimentary Legal Consultation and Discounted Attorney Fees

When You Need Legal Help, Your Membership is There for You
To get a free legal consultation: If you need legal consultation, call 1-800-541-9701; provide your name and membership number and you will be provided contact information with an attorney in the network near you.
Benefit Summary
When you need legal advice or representation by an attorney, your membership will make help available to you. This exclusive benefit can help you navigate everything from traffic violations and divorces to wills and estate protection. As a member, you receive up to 60 minutes of legal consultation per separate legal matter FREE, plus 25% off attorney fees should you need further help. Matters involving disputes or actions between members and the rental dealer, the Plan administrator, Benefit Services Association, member’s employer, plan sponsors, agents or their affiliates, officers, directors or employees are specifically excluded from eligibility of this plan. Also excluded are matters that, in the attorney’s opinion, lack merit. Court costs, filing fees and fines are the responsibility of the member. Other restrictions apply.    

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